The chassis platform that was released in 1994 that made Traxxas a well honored company

The Rustler and Bandit have a modified tub style chassis, mounting the receiver and battery on the main chassis, and putting the ESC on a battery box connector. The shocks are "Ultra" Shocks, the Traxxas standard, which are 8mm in diameter. The gearbox is a solid plastic two peice unit with molded in suspension arm mounts. The tranny is loaded with metal gears, a Planetary gear differential, bearings and all being held together with 16 metal screws. The front end has a bellcrank style steering unit supported with the stiff upper deck. The bulkhead mounts the solid composite plastic shock tower, front end of the upper deck, and the A-Arms. Most of the plastic is composite and grey in color, although the suspension arms, shock towers, and ESC mounts are all black.

The Stampede shares the same front and rear ends as the Traxxas Rustler, but uses a high COG (center of gravity) tub chassis.